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Still DRE is the eleventh episode of the sixth season and the 59th overall episode of Power.


After being framed by Ghost for the murder of Jason Micic, Dre (with nowhere to run) plans on leaving New York. But first he needs to take care of unfinished business.


Dre is then shocked to see Ghost is nominated for lieutenant governor and visits Saxe. He confronts him on the nomination of Ghost, as the latter is shocked to see this news. Saxe assures him that he will handle Ghost.

In jail, 2-Bit and Spanky are going over who turned them in. Spanky still think its Tommy but 2-Bit isn't so sure, as Spanky asks him who else could it be that knew about the warehouse. 2-Bit then recalls another person, as Spanky asks who and is told it was Dre who has already snitched before and Spanky realizes this.

At a warehouse, Dre meets with his new crew and they start conducting business. However, he is ambushed by Drago and the rest of Jason's vengeful goons but he barely escapes. His girlfriend pressures him but this time he agreed to her request.

He tells his girlfriend that he will come with her, as she is relieved but tells him he has to make a last resort for money, much to his annoyance.

A woman is at church and is leaving before Dre approaches her. The woman is revealed to be his mother and she criticizes him for wanting to speak with her after years of not contacting her after he was released. She is incredulous to learn that he has a daughter now and never told her. Andre attempts to make amends by stating he needs money but she refuses.

He goes to Tasha and blackmailed her to get money from Tariq. The boy pays him and he makes Tariq bring him to his father. Dre orders Ghost to give him money but gives a deadline. Dre also goes to Tate over new identities for him after promising info on James. Dre is arrested for the death of Jason, while seeing Ghost's truck from afar.

In the jail, 2-Bit and Spanky are told they are going to be transferred while learning the others real name. In the prison, the two are given a burner phone by a guard. 2-Bit answers the call and it is Ghost who is revealed to be responsible for the transfer and promises money if they kill Dre once he arrives and 2-Bit agrees. After telling Spanky that they are set, they prepare.

In the prison tv room, Dre notices 2-Bit and Spanky before realizing they are after him. He quickly talks to a random prisoner until Dre is told he has a visitor and he goes off, mocking his furious enemies.

After lying to the detective, Dre is released in protective custody but escaped them. He meets up with his family and tells them that they are leaving, he nearly robs his mother but she catches him and holds him at gunpoint. He guilts her and takes her gun. He holds her gunpoint but is unable to shoot and only tells her that his daughter's name is Heaven, since its a place neither of them will see. He takes her jewelry and visits Tate again for his new identity but the latter surprises him by offering money along with the identities but for the death of Ghost. Dre celebrates this bounty, as Tina encourages him to escape, since they are set and Tate will be implicated if he talks. The family then drive through the streets.

However, Dre wants to kill Ghost before leaving but runs out after he hears shots. He knocks out the detective Blanca and runs off. Getting back to his car, he argues with Tina and catches sight of Tommy passing by. After getting a good distance, they stop at a gas station, where Dre received word of Ghost being killed and is pleased. With nothing holding him back, Dre prepares to leave town with his family but is arrested again.

In jail, Dre receives a visit from Tina who berates him for not running when they could. Tina tells him not to get mad at what happens next, as this was a result of his actions. Dre is shocked to see she went to his mother who is pleased to finally see her granddaughter. Mrs. Coleman talks to him and he asks why she came after his actions, as she tells him that she still loves him and will help him. Reluctantly, Dre accepts her help and she promises to find a way to free him while promising his daughter grows up right. A terrified Dre watches his family leave.

When he is the cafeteria, he intentionally starts a fight to be thrown in solitary after seeing 2-Bit and Spanky. Unfortunately, he is finally cornered by the pair who take the time to taunt him, despite him telling him Ghost was killed. The two throw gasoline covered towels in the block with Dre and set him flame. The satisfied Spanky and 2bit then leave the scene.

Afterwards, 2-Bit notices Spanky is gone and learns he has been released. Putting things together, 2-Bit calls Tommy to tell him that Spanky snitched on him about Poncho.

In the federal office, Spanky is talking to Blanca. He states he has no knowledge on Dre's death or why he got transferred anyway. He agrees to help testify against Tommy who he hopes doesn't find out, unaware that he has found out.



Guest Starring


  • Knakeera Bason as Worker
  • Evan Bass as Tate Staffer/Chris
  • Rich Castro as Small Inmate
  • Shawn Cortel as Massive Inmate
  • Charles Everett as Cop
  • Matthew Bryan Field as Marshal
  • T.L. Flint as Prison Guard
  • Quincy Giles as Rizz
  • Julia Harnett as Windbreaker #1
  • Marley Henry as Heaven #1
  • Mhina Henry as Heaven #2
  • Mallory Hoff as TV News Reporter
  • Brandon Lamar Evans as O.Z.
  • Ivica Marc as Drago
  • Steve Mason as NYPD Officer
  • Roland Max as Obren
  • Erik McKay as Windbreaker #2
  • Melissa Mensah as Tina
  • Mugga as Marshal Langston
  • Tomike Ogugua as Marshal Macedon
  • O.S. Scroggins as Spanky
  • Stephen William Tenner as DOC Officer

Criminal and Legal Notes


Song Performer Scene


  • The episode scored (1.24) million viewers.
  • The events leading up to shooting from Dre's point of view are shown and it is revealed that he isn't the shooter. Dre is killed at the end of the episode.
  • Dre's death mirrors that of his victim Jerry Donovan, as both brought up their daughters for a reason on why they should live but it didn't work.
  • It is revealed Ghost is dead.
  • 2-Bit's full name is Francis Johnson.
  • Spanky's real name is Spottswood Richard.
  • 2-Bit and Spanky learn Tommy wasn't the one who snitched but Dre.