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Symphony Bosket is a main character on the Starz original crime drama Power Book III: Raising Kanan. He is portrayed by Toby Sandeman.

He is the central character in season 1-2.

Symphony is the love interest of Raq. Described as handsome, suave, cool, confident, intelligent and intellectually curious, Symphony is getting his Masters in Urban Planning while moonlighting as a bartender at a popular nightclub. When he meets Raq, sparks fly and despite their very different worlds, they quickly form an authentic romantic connection.


Symphony is approached by Marvin who reveals that he is the older brother of Raquel. When Marvin makes a threat to Symphony if he hurts his sister the latter is not phased it makes his own threat. This causes Marvin to laugh and revealed that he was only playing he states he only wanted to see if Symphony had his sister interest at heart. He voiced his respect at Symphony being unafraid.


  • Get his Master's Degree (Ongoing)
  • Help Raq protect Kanan (Ongoing)


  • Symphony is from Jamaïca.


Season 1