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Tameika Washington, also known as Tameika Robinson, is the former U.S. Attorney for the Eastern District of New York. She was fired as a scapegoat after the death of Angela Valdes, and later became a Defense Attorney in Power Book II: Ghost.

She served as a central character in season 4 and a major character in season 5-6.

In Power Book II: Ghost, she serves as a supporting character in season 1-2.


Season 4

Season 5

Season 6

Power Book II: Ghost

Tameika is assigned by Cooper Saxe to be Tasha St. Patrick's attorney, intending to use self defense to angle for a plea deal and bail. Although she fails to land bail, she manages to get the prosecution to come to the table, where she threatens to drag James St. Patrick's name through the mud along with the entire Democratic Party. Relenting, they later agree to four years probation, on the condition that Tasha allocutes in court. Tasha refuses to do so as it would reveal her son as the murderer, and when Tameika herself catches onto this, Tasha fires Tameika on the spot.

Tameika leaves and tells Tariq St. Patrick to look for a new attorney for his mother, suggesting Davis Maclean as a suitable replacement. Cooper later came to her for help, but she ushered him out the door, clapping obnoxiously in his face and saying "I don't know you".

Notes and Trivia

  • She is erroneously credited as Tameika Washington in Season 6.
    • This appears to be her new name, as she is only referred to by the surname "Washington" throughout Power Book II: Ghost.