Tariq James St. Patrick is the son of Tasha St. Patrick and James "Ghost" St. Patrick.


Seasons 3 Edit

Tariq lives with his mother and father and becomes the main character in season 3 he mixes with his father's former mentor and drug boss Kanan Stark as a plan to get at Ghost.

Kanan plans on to kill Tariq when he takes him to Breeze's old apartment (who Ghost killed in the past) but then spares Tariq after the latter voices his resentment at his father. Kanan uses another plan with Tariq by helping him rob his rich classmates and getting some of the money.

Kanan later tests him with his cousin LaVerne Ganner and corrupt police officer Ray Ray. They try to break him but Tariq doesn't give in which allows him to pass and he is accepted.

Jukebox then tells Kanan to use Tariq as ransom to get money and has Tariq drugged and sends Tasha a ransom demand by text.

Season 4 Edit

When Kanan learns that James has been arrest, he and Jukebox let Tariq go. After coming home Tariq tells Tasha that he and Slim pulled a prank on her and that he is fine. Tasha then tells Tariq if he see's a man named Kanan, to tell her and Tommy. Later at a party with Kanan, Jukebox, and Ray Ray, Tariq meets Ray Ray's cousin Destiny and has a one night stand with her.

When James is released from prison Jukebox then tells Kanan that they can now get their money by kidnapping Tariq again. When Tariq goes to see Kanan, Jukebox is there, and when Tariq tries to leave she hits him with the butt of her gun. James and Kanan arrive to an abandon house and see Jukebox hold Tariq at gunpoint. Realizing that she has been played by Ghost and Kanan. Jukebox then tells Tariq that Kanan has been playing him, as his name is not Slim, and threatens to kill Tariq if Kanan does not tell him the truth. Tariq listens as Kanan comes clean and tells him who he really is and that he killed his own son Shawn, to Tariq's shock. Before Jukebox can kill Tariq, Kanan kills her.

Afterwards, Tariq leaves with his father and they don't talk the whole ride home, since both are in shock at what occurred. Tariq then links up with Brains and Big Country for another robbery. However, it goes wrong when Tariq stops Big Country from almost raping a woman and the woman could identify his name. Then Tariq runs away from the two, after they kill the woman and he goes to see his father at home.

While going to the school dance Tariq goes outside to meet Destiny, but ended up seeing Ray Ray. Tariq then runs away from him, once the latter tries to kill him and hides, unaware that Raina followed him. That is when he witnesses Ray Ray kill Raina when she confronted him about his identity. Tariq approached her body, calling her name in horror.

When Tasha and James receive the news of Raina's death Tariq lies to them about what really happened that night. While his relatives are there at the penthouse, Tariq then goes to Jame's office and steals Tasha's gun. Tariq then visits Dre and demanded for him to tell him where Ray Ray is. At first Dre refuses to tell him, but Tariq threatens Dre by promising to tell Ghost and Tommy that he knew that Kanan was alive this entire time and that he did not tell them.

Afterwards Tariq then goes to Ray Ray's apartment and confront him about killing Raina. Ray Ray mocks him for having the courage unlike his sister, as he reaches for his gun to shoot tariq but ended up killed by him. James, Tommy, and Tasha arrive at Ray Ray's apartment and sees Tariq holding Tasha gun with blood on it, and a dead Ray Ray lying in a pool of blood. They all get rid of evidence that would impicate Tariq. While at home, Tariq tells Tasha that he is not sorry about what he did and Tasha agrees.

Season 5 Edit

After killing Ray Ray, Dre call Tariq who hangs up on him, when questioning Ray Ray. The next day Tasha and Ghost questions Tariq about Ray Ray killing Raina, and why didn't Raina tell Tasha that Tariq was in danger. That is when James revealed to Tasha that Kanan told him about Tariq robbing people. Then Tariq revealed that Dre knew that Kanan was alive and that he had to threaten him by gunpoint to tell him where Ray Ray was staying. Angered James lashes out at Tariq and blames him for Raina's death.

At Raina's funeral Tariq overhears Tommy and Ghost planning to killing Dre, and leaves to warn Dre about his father and uncle killing him. After getting accepted to Choate, Tariq reveals to Tasha that he witness Raina getting killed by Ray Ray and apologies and Tasha consoles her son. Later after getting into a fight with his father, Tariq leaves and is picked up by Kanan. In the middle of Season 5 Tariq and Kanan bonded over his hatred for James and learning about the drug game.

When Tariq returns home he is greated by Tasha and Angela. Tasha reveals that Angela knows about Ray Ray and that she is helping him. That is when Tasha tells Tariq that they are going to frame Kanan for Ray Ray's murder. Angry Tariq lashes out at Tasha for working with Angela who broke their family apart. Tasha then tells Tariq it is either her or Kanan, and Tariq picks Kanan. James later talks to Tariq about framing Dre for Ray Ray's murder. Tariq thinks that he wants to frame Kanan again, but James tells him he would not frame Kanan, and that he would frame Dre instead. After James leaves, Tasha talks to Tariq again to be on board with their plan.

After robbing a boy, Tariq asked Kanan why would he killed Shawn. Kanan says that he was disappointed by Shawn and that he wished that Shawn was like Tariq. Later that night Tariq and Kanan are pulled over by the police. One officer asked Kanan to open his trunk, Kanan then tells Tariq that he is not going back to jail. The police men then finds Tasha's gun. Revealing that Tariq was in on Tasha and Angela's plan. Tariq then lies to the cops that he was being held against his will. Afterward when Tarq is being placed in the back of a police car, Kanan then starts to shoot and kill four police officers.

Kanan then smiles at Tariq while kiling a police officer, then is killed when he was shot twice and bleed out while driving away. Tariq is picked up for questioning and lies that Kanan killed Ray Ray. Later in season 5 Tariq wants to become a drug dealer and starts to sell drugs at his school. Also Tariq asks Vincent Ragni to be his distributor and tells him he got what it takes.

Season 6 Edit

Tariq continues to sell drugs at Choate with the help of his roommate, and falls for a girl name Effie. When Tariq runs out of the drugs that Kanan gave him he starts to steal Tommy's drug supplies and starts to sell them to Vincent, who warns him about screwing with his business. Tommy learns that Tariq is selling drugs, and tells him that this is not for him.

However Tariq is expelled from Choate, when someone gave an anonymous tip on him selling drugs and where he hides it. Before leaving Tariq realized that it was Effie who gave him up. Tasha and James confronts Tariq, who get into it with Ghost about being a drug dealer. Later Tommy calls Tariq who is mad at him for lying about getting more product, and getting expelled. Tommy tells Tariq to turn off the security alarms and to leave the back door unlocked. Tariq then sees Joe Proctors daughter Elisa Marie in Raina's room crying about the loss of her mother. Tariq then gets him and Elisa Marie out the house to get her hot chocolate.

Elisa Marie then gets a call from her father who tells her that he is not coming with her and to go to her uncles house. Tariq takes her to see her uncle, who thanks him for bring her to his house. Tariq is about to leave when Vincent and Nicola pulls up and demanded him to get in the car, because of Tariq messing up with his business. However it was revealed that Tariq fakes his kidnapping in order to get two million dollars from his father and Tommy.

So that he can split the money with Vincent, and pay him back. However Tariq does not know that Vincent plans to keep all the money and kill him, Tommy, and Ghost. When the cops wanted to talk to Tariq about Proctor's death, Tasha convinces Vincent to let Tariq go so can answer to the cops. Afterwards Vincent takes Tariq back with him, and later is reunited with Ghost and Tommy. Vincent then decides to kill all three of them until Benny (Proctor's cousin) pulls up with his crew and orders Vincent not to shoot them because Tariq saved his niece. Benny promises Vincent that he will go to war with him if he tries to kill Tommy, Ghost, and Tariq. Vincent leaves with his money, and James take Tariq home.

Tariq is then awaken by gun pointed to his face by Ghost. Ghost confronts Tariq about helping Tommy kill Proctor, and using the back door with Elisa Marie. Tariq tells James that Tommy told him that he was going to tell him if he was going to kilm, and that he owes him. Ghost express disappointment with Tariq not picking sides and selling drugs. Tariq at first feels not threatened by Ghost, however, Ghost promises him that if he every betrays him again he will make his death look like a suicide. Ghost later takes Tariq to the penthouse, and makes Tariq give him his money from selling drugs. Tariq later tries to talk to Tommy, but Lakeisha is there and confronts him about stealing drugs from Tommy.

Tariq lies to Lakeisha, but inadvertently confess that stole Tommy's drugs when he revealed where Tommy keeps his drugs at in Brooklyn. With the help of Tasha and Ghost, Tariq is accepted into another school. Tariq tells James that Lakeisha knows that he stole from Tommy, and is worried about her telling him. James tells Tariq that he will make sure that Lakeisha is not a problem. Tariq later meets up with Dre about wanting to still sell drugs. Tariq threatens Dre he will tell Tommy where he is, and reminds him that Tommy still wants to kill him. Dre agree's to help Tariq to move weight. Later Tariq and Tommy talk and Tommy confronts him about stealing from him. Tariq tries to lie to him, but Tommy tells him that he knows that it was him when he knew about the address when he gave Tommy a ride. Also when James was trying to kill Tommy. Tariq finally tells Tommy the truth, because he was low on drugs to sell to Vincent. Tommy scares Tariq when he almost pushes Tariq off a building. Tommy tells Tariq that he is just like Ghost, and that Ghost was right about him using him and steeling from him. Tommy declares to Tariq that he is no longer his uncle, and cannot trust him.

Tariq and Tasha talk at her apartment. Tasha tells Tariq that she will help him sell drugs in exchange he continues to go to school. Tasha express that she lost one child, but will not lose another. Tasha tells Tariq that he can be better than Ghost, and has what it takes. Tasha tells Tariq to tell her everything that he is hiding from Ghost. Tariq comes clean about faking his kidnapping to get two million dollars for Vincent, and was suppose to get a cut. Tasha warns Tariq to not lie to her ever again, if he wants her help into schooling him about the drug game.

Murders committed by Tariq Edit

Murders connected to Tariq Edit

  • LaVerne “Jukebox” Ganner: Shot three times in the chest by Kanan Stark. Kanan killed Jukebox in order to save Tariq after he was kidnapped by her.
  • Carol: Indirectly caused. Tariq shouted out Brains' name to tell him to stop Big Country from raping Carol, who they were robbing. Brains shot her in the head after Tariq mentioned his name.
  • Raina St. Patrick: Indirectly caused. Because Tariq was a witness to a robbery, Ray Ray made a move to kill him. While Ray Ray was chasing Tariq, Raina confronted Tariq and was shot in the chest.
  • Marco: Shot in the chest by Andre Coleman. Tariq texted Andre telling him he was in danger.
  • Carmine: Shot in the abdomen by Andre Coleman. Bled out several hours later. Tariq texted Andre telling him he was in danger.
  • Four NYPD Officers: All shot in the head by Kanan Stark. Tariq framed Kanan for murder and Kanan resisted arrest.
  • Kanan Stark: Tariq was in on Tasha and Angela's plan to frame Kanan for Ray Ray's murder. However Kanan was killed by the police after killing four of them. Tariq knew Kanan would resist arrest.
  • Joe Proctor: Shot to death by Tommy Egan. Tariq left the service door for the apartment open and turned off the alarms allowing Tommy to enter undetected.
  • Four of Vincent Ragni's assassins and Nicola: All shot to death by Tommy Egan. Tariq contacted Vincent to tell him where Tommy is to impede him for saving Ghost. However Tommy easily overpowered them and killed them all.
  • Vincent Ragni: Pistol-whipped to death by Tommy Egan. Tariq contacted Vincent and told him where to find Tommy causing him and his allies to try to ambush Tommy but they failed.


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