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Tasha St. Patrick is a major character in the Power universe, serving as a anti-hero/antagonist in Power, the overarching deuteragonist in Power Book II: Ghost and one of the unseen overarching antagonists in Power Book IV: Force. She is the wife of James St. Patrick and has three children. She is a drop-dead diva and strong believer in her husband's rise in the drug empire. However, she begins to question his choices as he begin to act differently around her and his children.

Tasha appears as one of the deuteragonists in season 1-3, one of the tritagonists in season 4, anti-hero/anti-villian in season 5 and anti-hero turned one of the final antagonists (alongside Tariq St. Patrick ) in season 6, She is one of the main two antagonists of Ghost storyline, and a major antagonist in Tommy’s storyline. She also serves as one of the unseen overarching antagonists alongside (Tariq St. Patrick ) of Power Book IV: Force. She is one of the main two antagonists of Ghost storyline, and a major antagonist in Tommy’s storyline.

In Power Book II: Ghost, Tasha served as the deuteragonist in season 1 and a minor character of season 2.


Early Life

She is childhood friends with LaKeisha and the two are often seen together with LaKeisha giving her advice. At some point, Tasha met James St. Patrick and they got together not long after with Tasha falling in love with him and believing he would be the biggest drug dealer in the city. Through her relationship, she became good friends with Tommy Egan, considering him as her honary brother.

During their relationship, James came up with a plan to open a club and expand their criminal business as Tasha told him to kill his "street brother" Kanan Stark for it to work. However, James cared about him too much to do it so he instead had Tasha help him in putting Kanan in jail.

Sometime later, the police pulled her and James over and she hid a gun that he had in the car in her purse allowing them to walk free. A week later, James proposed to Tasha and they were married with Tasha signing a pre-nup as she loved him too much to worry about money. Their marriage produced three kids (a son and two daughters).

In the Series

Season One

Tasha is married to James St. Patrick, who is a drug dealer name Ghost. They both have three children together, and living in a penthouse. Tasha helps her husband with his crimes with getting rid of evidence, cleaning his drug money, and protecting him with alibis. However when James talks to Tasha about leaving the streets, and go legit with his club. Tasha does not believe in his dream, and wants him to continued to be a drug dealer, to provide for her lifestyle.

When Tasha perceives her husband giving his number to a strange woman in the club (Angela Valdes), she begins to feel slowly, less attractive to him and begins to use James' driver (his adoptive nephew), Shawn to gain important information by flirting and seducing him.

In the finale, she finally sees Angela and remembers she was James' ex-girlfriend and is distraught her husband has betrayed her.

Season Two

Tasha helps James in his criminal business and tells him to stop seeing Angela as a thanks for everything she did for him. She and James seem to rekindle some of their relationship though she continues to suspect James but still has Shawn give up information.

When she discovers that Shawn and LaKeisha had sex, she was jealous and annoyed at being teased by the latter on not getting to him first. After she finds out James is still seeing Angela, she throws him out of their home because of the betrayal. She later breaks down in tears being comforted by Shawn who she shares a passionate kiss, with, causing her to question her feelings.

Tasha then finds out about Angela being a prosecutor and is angry at James for putting their business and family in danger but tells him to continue having a sexual relationship until she has plan. She and Shawn have an affair by having sex in the car but Tasha was worried that James would find out about them. Tasha tries to divorce James but realized she'd be left with nothing if she did that, having signed a pre-nup and is told by others to find a way to make it work with her husband. Regardless, she continued the affair with Sean which was known to everyone such as Lakeisha, her mother, and Kanan.

In the Season 2 finale, Tasha learns James set Angela up and visits him to ask if the affair was really over as he questioned her affair with Shawn and rebuffs leaving her upset. She later learns Shawn was killed but believes James did it because of his jealousy.

Season Three

Tasha learns from James that Shawn was really killed by his own father Kanan but she doesn't believe it. However, James' words are confirmed by Tommy but her relationship with James continues to deteriorate as he moves in with Angela, a decision that starts to affect the kids particularly their son who enters a rebellious stage. Tasha and Angela talk about her meeting the kids, and go over rules. James and Tasha are later shocked when their son Tariq brought a gun to school, and that the gun belonged to Angela. After convincing the principle to not expel their son, Tasha informs James that she will refuse to let their children stay over at Angela's apartment again.

Tasha deals with her separation with Ghost, and with her son Tariq rebelling against her. When Tommy and Ghost plan to kill Lobos, they use Tasha for Ghost's alibi. However when James returns to the hotel, Tasha confronts him about filing separation papers, and threatens to take everything from him. Tasha tells James that she signed the papers, but cannot wait to get over him, for breaking her heart. Later James tells Tasha that he needs her help with getting more money. Tasha refuses, but James tells her that he broke up with Angela. At first Tasha did not want to help Ghost, until he told her that a man name Milan forced him and Tommy to work for him, when he learned that they robbed him from his drugs and that he killed his distributor Vladimir. Also James reveals to her that Milan posed as a man name dean and used his men to protect him, so that he can get close to him.

However in the finale, she and James talk where he reveals that his club has garnered enough legal money to support their children. Tasha admits that James proved her wrong and that his club could earn more money than his crime business could as he states he always has a plan. He then tells her that no matter what she and the kids were his family and he would keep her safe like he is doing with Milan these words leaves her touched. The two share a moment, she tries to leave it out of awkwardness but they kiss, which leads to them making passionate love and have them question their relationship status.

She later goes to the club where she helps James take down Milan by holding the latter's woman at gunpoint while James and Tommy dispose of Milan. Tasha returns home and gets a message from her son but is shocked to see it is a picture of Kanan with him demanding a ransom for his return. She tries to call her husband to tell him but unknown to her, he has been arrested.

Season Four

Following James' imprisonment, Tasha is forced to deal with various problems such as the media harassing her family, her son's rebellious stage and lack of money. However, when James appears in court all charges are dropped after Angela convinces the judge of his innocence. Before James comes home, she borrows money from his old adversary Simon Stern to support them for the time being.

Her relationship with James after his release continues to have problems as he tries to reconnect with her. Though Tasha is unsure after everything they've been through, their status further worsens when it is revealed Tariq's new friend was really Kanan who had returned to get revenge.

She takes an interest in his lawyer Terry Silver but is conflicted as it appears James is honestly trying to make up with her by getting her a ring. Tasha later shares a kiss with Terry and after attending a party with James, she visits Terry and reveals her pain is alleviated when around Terry. She kisses him and they have sex, with Tasha committing another affair out of spite against James, while James has no clue.

With her business going well, Tasha makes plans to divorce James dissolve the pre-nup and go legit. To carry that out, she distances herself from him and Tommy while continuing to see Terry behind James' back. Ironically, Tasha's actions are no different from James' in the first seasons as she sleeps with a person who goes against crime and makes plans to go legal while hiding her criminal past from her lover.

However, on a night with Terry, her daughter Raina is killed and Tasha is devastated as her choice of not going could have possibly prevented it. After this, she distances herself from Terry even after he professes his love for her but she supports James' attempts to get revenge for their daughter's death. She even turns to Angela for help and learns it was crooked cop named Ray Ray that killed her child, she tells Tommy who was already tracking him down. She is later worried when her son made plans to go after him, she goes to stop only to arrive too later as he kills Ray Ray.

Knowing what to do and blaming herself for her children's paths, Tasha takes Tariq home while James and Tommy who arrived there as well dispose of Ray Ray's body. Tasha disposes of his clothes has him shower to get rid of the blood on his body.

She goes to see Terry and ask him about a situation with killing a law officer for revenge, he tries to tell her to have James get a new lawyer. Tasha says its not for him as she takes credit for killing Ray Ray and ask him to represent her for her imminent trial as he tells her he can't be her lover and lawyer. He has her pick one of the options and she chooses to have him as her lawyer having brought the check in advance. With this, she seemingly ends her affair and makes plans to take responsibility for what happened with her kids.

Season Five

Sometime later, she returned home and tells Keisha to cover for her but doesn't elaborate on it. She soon called her son in and asked why Ray Ray was after him and James tells her it was because of his dealings with Kanan. She is shocked to hear this as well to witness James put most of the blame on Tariq and pinning him to a wall as he does so. James storms off and she is clearly at loss for his actions.

Later on, she meets with Angela who is angry at her for linking her to Ray Ray's demise but Tasha informs her that Tariq was the one who killed him, not James as Angie believed. Tasha becomes worried when her gun that Tariq used was recognized from the search but tells Angela to delete it from evidence.

At Raina's funeral, Tate prevents Tommy from sitting with the family and she tells him that he is the godfather of Raina and her brother but Tommy accepts it since it wasn't the day. As the service goes on, Tasha tells Keisha that she doesn't know half the people Tate had come. She watched as Tariq spoke for his sister and was sad as he seemingly broke into tears and ran off, she sent Keisha after him.

After the service, she meets up with Terry who tells her that he's convinced that James asked her to cover for him and states he will protect her not James. They share a kiss before he walks off, with Tasha's mother Estelle having watched the scene. Estelle confronts Tasha over another affair and she tells her that she wouldn't understand and goes back to everyone.

As Tasha rants about James and Angela potentially setting her up, James tries to speak up as she says that Terry Silver will cover for her. James questions this as Tasha states that Terry loves her, revealing to him she had been having an affair before she storms out on her shocked husband.

Tasha visited Terry and asked to lie for her in court. Terry refuses and accuses her of protecting James while stating she still loves him, despite everything he put her through. He tells her to come with him to turn James in but she tells her son Tariq killed Ray Ray not James. Terry tells Tasha to have Tariq turn himself in but she refuses since that will put him in danger. She again begs him and he promises to help her before they have sex.

Tasha speaks to Lakeisha about everything before Terry sends Tasha a text and tells her to go to his home. When she gets there, Tasha finds that Terry has had his home cleaned out and left a note with an apology as he has chosen to look out for himself than her and leave the city. Tasha was heartbroken by this note and cried.

Tasha confronts James and Angela over this but learns they had nothing to do with it. Tasha has had enough and decides to turn herself in for the killing of Ray Ray but James stops her and says he'll go down for their family. This surprises her and she looks at her husband in shock.

When James tells Tasha and Angela that instead of turning themselves in, they can frame Dre for Ray Ray's murder. After he leaves Tasha ask Angela if she knows Kanan Stark. The next day Tasha reveals to Tariq that Angela knows about Ray Ray, and that she helping. Also he wants Tariq to help them frame Kanan. Tariq then lashes out at her for working Angela, who took Ghost away from her and their family and to have him frame Kanan. Tasha then tells Tariq to choose between her or Kanan, and Tariq chose Kanan.

Tasha asks James to reconsider framing Dre and to use Kanan instead. James refuses and Tasha talks about Tariq and have him on board to frame Kanan. Also Angela and Tasha plants her gun in Kanan's car while Tariq is with him. However their plan take a left turn when Kanan is dead from a shootout with the police.

In the Season 5 finale Tasha meets up with Angela, James, and Tommy to come up with a plan to clear their names. Terry Silver returns and Tasha is still angry at him leaving her and refuses to talk to him. Angela then tells her to use Terry so that they can be in the clear. Afterward Tasha persuades Terry into not testify against Ghost so that they can be together.

Afterwards they both have sex and Tasha leaves. Unaware that James was watching both her and Terry, and that he killed Silver when she left. Later Tasha and Tommy confront Angela about Terry Silver missing, and Tony. Before Tommy is about to kill Angela, Tasha tells him don't kill her. The reason why is because Angela convinces them not to kill her because they need to get the pictures back from Vincent because she took them in Saxe's office. Upset Tasha tells Tommy they will deal with Angela later.

Season Six

Tasha learns from Tommy that he killed Angela, and the bullet was meant for James. Tasha is upset that he missed shooting at Ghost, and now has to cover for Tommy big time. Tasha goes to James office and confronts him about killing Terry Silver, demands him to tell her where is body is at. James refuses to tell Tasha about Silver, and says that she brought this on herself for her affair. Tasha tells James that he should be worried about getting caught on camera. James also informs her on Tommy killing Angela, and that the bullet was for him. Also James confesses his love for Angela in front of Tasha. Tasha tells James that she wants a divorce after realizing that he loves Angela and himself, more than her.

Tasha tries to talk to Lakeisha again, but Lakeisha refuses to talk to her ever again, and warns her to stop talking to Tommy. Tasha secretly talks to Tommy, about Ghost and Tariq.

Tasha then gets her life together by getting her own apartment together and opens up her daycare with the help of councilman Tate. Then Tasha meets with man name Q, who instantly falls for her, but Tasha stops him for almost having sex with her because of her lasts relationships. Tasha is furious when she finds out that Tariq is selling drugs at Choate and gets expelled. When Ghost and Tariq argue about being a drug dealer, Tasha tells James to accept who Tariq really is.

However Tasha faces problems when a drug dealer name Zigg demands Tasha to pay him every Friday in exchange he won't destroy her daycare. Tasha persuades Zigg not to burn down her daycare, when she reveals to him that she know about him moving drugs and needs help. Also she can pay him by moving his weight into her daycare, and with assistance from one of the mothers at the daycare.

Later Tasha helps Ghost and Tommy get two million dollars for Vincent when Tariq messed with his business. What Tasha does not know is that Tariq faked his kidnapping so that he can spit the two million dollars with Vincent. Tasha and James planned a robbery at Tate's fundraising event with the help of Tommy's men and Alphonse to rob rich people with their valuables.

After successfully getting two million dollars to Vincent and getting Tariq back home, Tasha is shocked by James's information. James reveals to her that Tommy killed Proctor and Tariq helped him. The reason because of Proctor's cousin Benny talking about Proctor's death and Tommy's guilty expression. Also James checked Tariq's phone records and shows Tariq talking to Tommy before Proctor was killed. Tasha believes Ghost when she tells him that Tariq told Blanca and McCall about using the backdoor when he left with Elisa Marie, and Tariq response when she questioned him about the security system being down. Tasha then realizes that Tommy used her son to commit a murder.

Later Tasha and Ghost disagree about disciplining Tariq, when Ghost confronted him about helping Tommy to commit murder by gunpoint. Tasha and Tariq talk about selling drugs, and wanting to protect her son. Tasha helps Tariq sell drug in exchange he gets his education, and him not lying to her again. Detective Rodriguez stops by Tasha apartment to inform her that Tariq is a suspect to Ray Ray's murder, when someone gave him up, and that he used a fake iD to get Kanan's ashes. Tasha believes it was Lakeisha and tracks her down to confronts her. Also Tasha sees papers that Lakeisha signing to testify against Tommy. Unaware that it was Dre who snitched on Tariq. Tasha and Lakeisha starts to get into a physical fight, which leads to Tasha accidentally shooting Lakeisha in the chest. Lakeisha begs Tasha not to shoot her, and to think about Cash.

After a moment of hesitation, Tasha apologizes and kills Lakeisha by shooting her in the head and leaves the house before taking the witnesses forms. The next day Tasha's daycare get searched for drugs, which lead to one of the mother's epiphany stop helping Tasha from selling her drugs. Tasha then realizes that it was Ghost who set her up. When Tasha returns Ghost is there and confronts her about having Tariq moving weight from her daycare, and calls her selfish.

Tasha tells James to accept Tariq for who he is, and express that she did not want to lose another child. Tasha promises James that she will tell the FBI about him killing Terry Silver if he keeps trying her. Ghost then physically attacks Tasha, and almost strangles her. Before leaving, Ghost warns Tasha that if she keeps helping Tariq sell drugs, Tariq will end up dead and his blood is on her hands. Also he mushes Tasha with his hand. Tommy later talks to Tasha and Tariq about Lakeisha's being dead, and believes that Ghost killed her. Tasha pretends to be shocked by her death. But when Tommy leaves, Tariq finds out the truth from her.

Tasha later tried to get Ghost arrested by telling the Feds about Terry's murder and where to find the body. She then celebrates her apparent victory with her lover Quinten and had sex, as she was amazed by his kind side to his daughter. Soon, Tasha told him of her husband going to jail for a crime.

However, Tasha is woke up by Tariq and sees Ghost nominated for Lieutenant Governor. After talks with Saxe and Tate, she is confronted by Tommy on Keisha's death. He reveals her earring and threatens her and after she shows the paperwork, she begs him to care for the kids. In the end, Tommy spares her life but cuts ties with her, devastating her.

At their old apartment, she and Ghost argued with him knowing she killed Keisha. He asked how she felt about separating a child from his mother, as she silently felt guilt. They then argue more, with her asking if he ever loved her and he confirmed he did while part of him still does.

She explained to Quinton of her act failing and told him to take her to the club to see James. Tasha had second thoughts before arriving to see Tariq shoot his father who falls from the balcony. A frantic Tasha confronted her son before saying she'd take the wrap but he says Dre was coming to do it and they both separated. She ran back to Quinten, while telling Q of how she found her husband dead.

At the will hearing, she learns Ghost left all money to Tariq who must attend and graduate college to achieve it. Tasha also tells Angela's sister to take the money Ghost left them, while also telling her Tommy killed Angela.

She and Tariq are brought in for questioning, with her going through with framing Dre. Soon she dines with Simon Stern who not only gets Tariq a place at a college but gives Tasha a job while also revealing Dre died. Out of fear, Tasha reluctantly implicated Q for the murder with an anonymous tip, while distracting him with sex. After the encounter, the police broke in with a warrant and arrested the surprised Quinten who locked eyes with Tasha and realized she set him up. Quinten begged her to explain while the guilty Tasha couldn't speak and watched him be taken away.

After breakfast with her son, Tasha told Tariq to get ready for college, but the feds arrived led by Blanca. She revealed Quinten gave Tasha up after providing an alibi by going to a diner. Tasha was arrested for the crime of the murder that she didn't commit. As she is taken away, she tells her pleading son to live his life and go to school. After her arrest, Tasha is processed and has all her belongings taken as she changes into a prison uniform. She is last seen in her prison cell, breaking down at her fate.

Power Book II: Ghost

Season 1

Tasha is represented by Tameika Washington, who lands her a plea deal of four years probation for criminally negligent homicide (brought about by threatening to smear the Democratic Party with accusations against James St. Patrick). However, the deal requires allocution, so Tameika insists that Tasha tell the truth. Tameika nearly realizes that Tariq was the murderer, so Tasha fires Tameika on the spot, forfeiting the deal. She calls Tariq and insists that he focus on school rather than trying to hustle funds for a new lawyer for her.

Later, Tasha's bumbling public defender suggests that Tasha take a 15 year plea deal in exchange for the name of the shooter; she takes the deal, but once again lies, saying that Andre Coleman was the shooter. Afterward, Davis Maclean becomes her attorney and gets her a plea deal for three years probation, provided that she allocates. She wants to refuse again, but Maclean delivers Tariq's message that if Tasha loves Tariq, she'll tell the truth. She seems to agree, but in court claims that Tommy Egan killed James St. Patrick — another lie. Further, she says that she ordered Tommy to kill James, which results in her being charged under the federal Continuing Criminal Enterprise Kingpin Statute. The sentence, if convicted, is death.

While Tasha is fighting for her freedom, she learns that Davis Maclean has been playing her and Tariq through Paula which had broken up with Maclean. On the other hand, Maclean was being threatened by Saxe during their deal to ruin his reputation. When Saxe summons Tariq to testify, Tariq meets Tameika again to be his attorney. Tameika asks if Tariq was the one responsible for killing Ghost to which the former admits he did kill his own father with his plan originally admitting that he would admit that he killed his father, not Tasha or Tommy. However, there was a change of plans with Tariq calling out Saxe for following him the night he was drugged by his niece Riley while he didn't reference the latter being responsible as the judge questions Saxe which the former denies and calling out Maclean as well. This results in both Saxe and Davis being forced to resign while Tommy was still the main suspect in the murder of Ghost. As a result, Tasha is freed but now realizes that Tommy is after her for not only framing him as the murderer of Ghost but the death also of Lakeisha after attempting to negotiate with Monet about Tariq's debt to her when he attacked their place. Due to this, Tasha decided she and Tariq should leave to somewhere else while leaving Yas with her grandmother as Tommy was after her but Tariq instead decided to have Tasha in witness protection while he was on his own.

Season 2

In Free Will Is Never Free, Tariq asks Davis if he can get in contact with Tasha but Davis says that isn't how witness protection works. Tasha is mentioned by Davis who says that she has been moved to New Mexico.

She appears in Love And War, with Tameika knocking on her door. At first she is worried that she may be in danger, but then she realises it is Tameika and opens the door. Tasha asks if something has happened, she then sees Yasmine running towards her and the two hug. Tameika explains that Yasmine is now permitted to stay with Tasha under a fake name but Tariq, as far as they are concerned, does not exist. Yasmine later gives Tasha a letter from Tariq in which he says he is hoping to see her again soon, but that he cannot right now.

Murders Committed by Tasha

  • LaKeisha Grant: Shot in the chest and then the head for attempting to snitch while the former assumed that Lakeisha had snitched on Tariq but instead snitched on Tommy.

Murders connected to Tasha

  • Miguel Alvarez: Shot in the head by Ghost. Tasha burned the shirt Ghost wore during the murder thus destroying any evidence linking Ghost to the murder.
  • Raul: Shot in the head by Ghost. Tasha provided Ghost with an alibi for the murder.
  • Felipe Lobos: Shot twice in the chest by Ghost. Tasha provided Ghost with an alibi for the murder.
  • Carlos Ruiz: Stabbed to death by Tommy Egan. Tasha found out Ghost was going to use Ruiz to take down Milan and Tasha called Tommy warning him of this.
  • Raymond “Ray Ray” Jones: Shot to death by Tariq St. Patrick. Tasha along with Angela Valdes helped cover up the crime and helped frame Kanan Stark for the murder.
  • Four NYPD Officers: Indirectly caused. Tasha along with Tariq and Angela framed Kanan Stark for the murder of Raymond Jones. Kanan refused to return to jail and killed the police officers who tried to arrest him.
  • Kanan Stark: Indirectly caused. Shot to death in a firefight with the NYPD after Kanan refused to go back to jail after being framed by Tasha, Angela, and Tariq for Raymond Jones' murder.
  • James St. Patrick: Shot in the chest by Tariq. Tasha walked in to find her son shooting James in the chest. Tasha attempted to frame Quinton Wallace but he had an alibi and her actions were exposed. Tasha took the fall for the murder so Tariq could avoid jail.
  • Owl: Shot by Tommy while Tommy was out for revenge due to Tasha framing him for the murder of Ghost. He intended to kill Tasha when he found her at Monet's place but ended up killing Owl instead.


  • Be rich and stay married to Ghost (Failed)
  • Assist in Ghost and Tommy in murders and drug deals (succeeded)
  • Avenge Raina's death and help cover up Raymond’s murder (succeeded)
  • Have Kanan killed to protect the family (Succeeded)
  • Start a new life with Terry Silver (failed)
  • Kill Lakeisha for attempting to snitch(succeeded)
  • Prevent Tommy from killing her for Lakeisha’s murder (Succeeded)
  • Kill Ghost (succeeded through Tariq)
  • Get all the money from Ghost (failed)
  • Get Epiphany killed through Tariq (failed)
  • Set up Dre and Q for Ghost’s murder (failed)
  • Get out of jail (succeeded)
  • Get Tameika off the stand through Tariq (succeeded)
  • Give Laila an After Morning Pill and receive a burner (succeeded)
  • Escape from Tommy (Succeeded, for now)
  • Reunite with Tariq (ongoing)


  • Ghost mentions to Tasha was a Math athlete and made fun of her for it.
  • It is said Tasha has siblings.
  • Despite her resentment of James, she was devastated to watch Tariq kill him, showing she had lingering affection to him.
  • Despite Kanan being a main antagonist turning Tariq against his own father, she also had influence on Tariq for turning against his father.
  • Tasha started out in season 1 as a deuteragonist as she was Ghost’s wife but as of season 5, she became an antagonist when she threatens Angela (Protagonist in season 5) and killed Lakeisha (Protagonist in season 6).
  • Tasha is one of the only characters to appear in any episodes of Power.
  • Tasha is seen as a hypocritical person as she will order deaths or threaten to kill anyone that snitches. However, she became a snitch herself and has been dragging James back into the game against his will for her own wants and wants his money. She also betrayed Tommy who she previously saw as a brother figure by telling Paz Valdes that Tommy killed her sister, attempting to blame him for Ghost's death, nearly resulting in her getting shot.
  • Like Tate, Tariq, and Saxe, she was one of the only main characters to be able to get away with her actions. However, this is due to the fact she was a deuteragonist to Tariq especially since Tariq and Tate were getting their own spin offs.