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Thomas "Tommy" Patrick Egan (born Thomas Patrick Teresi) is the tritagonist of the Power universe, serving as the deuteragonist of Power, a minor antagonist in Power Book II: Ghost and the main protagonist in Power Book IV: Force. He was the best friend of James St. Patrick as well as his business partner. They had been like brothers since childhood, both having grew up in the same neighborhood, where Tommy was bullied and beaten for being the only white kid in the area. In Power, Tommy is the deuteragonist serving as a tritagonist in season 1-4, one of the deuteragonists turned final antagonist in season 5 and one of the two main protagonists in season 6.

He appeared as the final antagonist in the season 1 and in a flashback in season 2 of Power Book II: Ghost.

He serves as the main protagonist in Power Book IV: Force.


Thomas Patrick Egan was born in South Jamaica Queens, New York to Kate Egan and Tony Teresi. As an infant, his father told Kate he was going to the store but he never returned. Tommy was given the last name of his grandfather to cover his relationship to Teresi.

From that point on, Tommy was raised solely by his mother and was told his father was dead. They lived in a 'black neighborhood', as his mother described it and was bullied for being white. However, James St. Patrick stood up to those bullies and people stopped picking on him. After that, the two became close friends and referred to each other as ‘brothers’. Tommy once mentioned he had a real job working as a bouncer at a strip club in which he could fight as many people as he wanted. Very soon, he and James were mentored in the criminal life by Kanan and became skilled in the ways of the street.

When Kanan was incarcerated, James now going by "Ghost" convinced Tommy to help him open a club where they can move money legally and to buy laundry mat stores make even more money.

Tommy and Ghost use the legal money as well as their drug money to buy themselves many things such as fancy apartments. Tommy also use his money to help his mother who is a drug addict and and lives in a house which Tommy bought for her, presumably from money which he earned from his drug dealing business with James.

Tommy's friendship with Ghost caused him to be well liked by the latter's family and they all consider him as a family member. Ghost's wife sees him as her brother as well and his kids call him their uncle. He is also their godfather.

The Series

Season One

After kidnapping Miguel Alvarez and his fiance Maria due to him and Ghost's organization being hit. Under James's order Tommy lets Maria go, and Ghost kills Miguel. Then during a party at Truth he meets a woman name Holly Weaver who works as a waitress. Instantly he falls for her, but Holly plays hard to get with Tommy at first. Then after showing that he is interested in her they go at on a date and have sex. Overtime Tommy and Holly made their relationship official. Later Holly learns about Tommy being a drug dealer when she confronted him about all the money she found in his apartment. When Tommy lied to her, Holly angrily leaves because he lied. Then Tommy pick Holly up from work and confront her about stealing Tasha's earnings. Holly reveals that she likes to take things. Tommy then reveals to her that he is a drug dealer, happy that he told her the truth Holly kisses him and tells her that she is a thief.

When James tell Tommy about rekindling his relationship with Angela, Tommy warns him to leave Angela alone, and worry about Tasha. Also Tommy express that if Tasha finds out about the affair, she could potentially get revenge on them.

After another hit on his drug business, Tommy and James believed that Ruiz is behind it and hires the Jamaicans to kill Ruiz at his party. However the next day Tommy learns that the assassin was a woman and that Ruiz was innocent on destroying their business.

James tells Tommy that Kanan said that Rolla is behind the hits. Tommy then tells James either he kills Rolla or he will, in which James said he will do it.

In the Season One finale Tommy accidentally told Holly about James being Ghost, in which he told her the truth on how James is a successful business men by being a drug dealer. Ruiz orders Tommy to kill Nomar because he was having sex with his 14 year old daughter Isabella Ruiz. Tommy agrees and follows Nomar and kills him. Before Tommy can leave he hides and learns that Angela is an AUSA ( federal Prosecutor for the FBI).

Season Two

When Tommy escapes from Nomar's place, and learns of Angela's job, he breaks into her apartment and waits for her to return, so he can kill her. However he see's Ghost's luggage and thinks that he snitched on him and plans to runaway with Angela. Tommy then hides out in at his mothers house. Tommy then plans to kill Ghost by using his mother into going to her house. When James arrives, Tommy then confronts him about snitching on him in exchange, he can runaway with Angela. That is when James learns that Angela actually works as a prosecutor for the FBI. James denies that he would betray Tommy and that he is in shocked that Angela lied to him about her job. James then stops Tommy from killing Angela by telling him that Holly got shot. Tommy rushed to her side and the next day picks her up from the hospital.

Tommy is later reunited with Kanan and plants to celebrate his release, unaware that Kanan is the one who hired pink sneakers to slow down their organization, and frame Rolla for the hits. In order to get Lobos off their back, Tommy and Ghost works with Ruiz, Kanan, Dre, Vladimir, and Drifty to bring in extra money for Lobos. Vladimir at first refuses to work with Tommy, because of not wanting to be killed by his boss Milan for betraying him. However Tommy and Ghost bring Vladimir on board when they robbed him, with the help of Julio, Dre, Ruiz, and Poncho, and calling 911.

When Holly handcuffs Tommy to his bed, she reveals that she was taken in for questioning, and that Angela knows about James being Ghost. Also she says that if she can give Angela proof that James is Ghost he can walk. Angry, Tommy tries to attack Holly, and picks James over her. Tommy then yells at Holly while she walks away.

Tommy was sent to prison in the middle of season two, accused of drug crimes related to 'Ghost'. However, the trial got thrown out as the picture which was used to identify him was a partial but was finished by Isabella Ruiz, a fourteen year old who was believed to have been pressured into doing it as well as not having parental permission for it. The picture, therefore, was left out of discovery and so Tommy's lawyer got the case dismissed with prejudice releasing him.

In the Season 2 finale Tommy learns that Rolla did not hire pink sneakers and that Kanan was behind all the hits in their business. James then tells Tommy to let Kanan think that he is against him so that he can kill him. Tommy agrees to this plan, and talks to Kanan. Meanwhile Tommy then fools Kanan into believing that he and James's friendship is over. That is when Tommy discovers that Ghost and Tasha sent Kanan to jail by taking out one of tail lights from his car so that he can be pulled over with the drugs that he was carrying. Also Kanan recognized that Tasha was the one who sent the anonymous tip.

When Holly returns, Tommy threatens to kill her, but is shocked when she tells him that Ghost forced her to leave and shows him proof. After James' failed attempt at killing Kanan , Tommy confronted him about forcing Holly to leave. Tommy then is startled when James tells him that he is out of the game, their business is over, and that he killed Drift and Vladimir, but let Ruiz live in exchange he and Isabella leave New York. Angry Tommy leaves and declare his friendship with James dead. Later Tommy and Holly rekindle their relationship.

Lobos instructed Tommy to kill James, knowing that James hired someone to kill him in jail. Also he warns him if he does not do it, he will kill him, Holly, and their dog.

Season Three

After his and James friendship is over, Tommy then gets his drug business together and has new connects. He later has Tasha and Holly clean his money using Lakeisha's hair business.

Despite Lobos' order, Tommy couldn't kill Ghost but Lobos sent one of his men to kill Belle, Tommy's and Holly's dog as a warning.

After failing to kill Ghost, a distraught Tommy tells Holly that Lobos wanted him to kill Ghost, but since he did not do it, Lobos killed their dog Belle. Holly then encourages Tommy to kill Ghost.

In Don't, worry Baby Tommy comes home with a blood covered arm and Holly believes that it was one of Lobos' men sending yet another warning. Tommy states that it was too dark to see who it was. Believing that Lobos is after the two of them, Holly hires the Jamaicans to kill Ghost for him.

In Help me , Tommy's mother Kate comes to visit him and introduces her to Holly. Kate does not like her and expresses to Tommy that he can do so much better. Also Kate reminds him that James always has his back, and that it is stupid that he and Ghost always fight. After talking to Julio Kate tells Holly about Tommy's childhood when he was being bullied for being the only white kid in the neighborhood, and that James beat up two boys that kept picking on him. Which lead to nobody messing with Tommy again. Afterwards has Tommy wanting his friendship with Ghost back. When Tommy gets back from dropping his mother off, he tells Holly that Dylan and the Koreans was the one who shot at him, not Lobos and that Ghost was the one who killed Dylan.

Before Tommy goes and calls Ghost, Holly then reveals that she hired the Jamaicans to kill Ghost so that Lobos won't come after them. When Holly tells him that, he asks her to leave. Instead, she slaps him and argues back. They get into a fight with Holly kicking him in the groin, insulting for his loyalty to James causing him Tommy to strangle her, killing her. Her lifeless body falls to the floor, but Tommy can't comprehend it, and holds her body, hoping that she's actually alive. Tommy calls James to clean up the scene and they agree that they need to kill Lobos. Unknown to him, Holly was pregnant at the time of her death.

After Tommy and James had finally killed Lobos, he is faced with another problem. When James hired a man name Dean and his men to protect him, unaware that Dean is Milan. When Milan reveals who he is and knows that James killed Vladimir and he and Tommy stole his drugs. Milan forces both him and Ghost back in the drug game. Tommy advises James to not tell Angela that Milan and his men are after her, for the sake of her not arresting him.

Following Holly's death, Tommy enters a colder persona which is furthered driven when James is forced to work with Milan. Milan takes an interest in Tommy's attitude and has him kidnapped when he was at Holly's grave. Tommy fights Milan's men though is beaten savagely by them though his skill impresses Milan especially when Tommy states he has nothing more to lose. Milan has his men stop and takes advantage of Tommy's situation by making Tommy an apprentice of his. Under Milan's tutelage, Tommy becomes more professional and ruthless in his criminal business even coming up with better ways to ship products while Milan kills anyone disagreeing. Tommy also starts ignoring calls from James and Tasha. When Milan gives Tommy an order to get rid of Tasha's friend LaKeisha Grant, he appears to go through with it.

When James begins plotting against Milan, Tommy kills Carlos Ruiz who was helping James in his plans. Afterwards, Tommy confronts James about this stating doing so is putting his life in danger and is angry as he gave up Holly for him. When James doesn't relent in his plan, Tommy tells James he will call the shots from now on and that he better comply with it. Tommy goes to Milan and his gang telling them they need to kill James immediately.

Tommy earns help in his plan from Milan's right hand man Petar, telling him that he needs him to do him a favor. When James, Tasha, Dre and his gang corner Milan and his men in James' club, Tommy meets up with James revealing he was never turning against James. The two drive him somewhere secluded as Milan is sad that Tommy would side with James though is proud he learned something. It also turns out Tommy enlisted Petar in his plot to have someone run things in the latter's place. He tells the man he won't give James a choice after he voices concerns about running drugs in the latter's club.

Season Four

With Milan gone, Tommy goes to unknown area where it is revealed that Tommy took LaKeisha out of the city to hide her from Milan. Following the crime boss' death, Tommy came back to retrieve her allowing her to reunite with Tasha.

Keisha and Tommy soon begin a relationship but decide to keep it hidden from Tasha. Through LaKeisha, Tommy learned of Tasha's affair with Shawn Stark being shocked by it before realizing it didn't seem that surprising.

In Don't Thank Me, Tommy talks with Tasha about his relationship with LaKeisha Grant and he tells her that he had hid LaKeisha from the crime lord that he and James were working for. He then learns from Tasha that Holly was pregnant causing him to fall in despair at what he has done. Tommy then confesses to Tasha about him killing her out of rage due to her trying to put a hit out on James as Tasha is stunned to learn this news. Tommy says he wouldn't of done so if he knew about the baby and tells Tasha, he would understand if Tasha wanted him to leave after what she heard as he would want the same. However, Tasha tells Tommy that he protected the family by doing what he did causing him to feel relieved that she'd understand his situation.

Tommy later meets with Jason Micic, who is the leader of the Serbian Mafia, to take over Milans place. At dinner it was revealed that Jason wanted Milan gone because he was a weird man and could not trust him, and Tommy was shocked that his death was approved. However, Jason has his men take Tommy to unknown grave area and almost kill him because of not getting his approval to kill Milan. All because Milan's former right hand, Petar tells Jason that Tommy and Ghost killed him and not by his approval. Tatiyana shows up and tells Jason the truth that Petar lied to him and that he agreed for Milan to be killed. Jason spares Tommy and kills Petar for his dishonesty, and has Tommy working for him as his distributor.

Meanwhile Tommy then drives to Cincinnati Ohio and recognized the salesperson's name. Pretending that he is interested in buying a house, he then confronts Sam Weaver about Holly. When Tommy and Holly were together, she revealed to him that her uncle molested her when she was 9 years old when she ended up living with him. When Sam express no remorse over what he did to Holly, Tommy then bashes Sam to death with a baseball bat to the head.

Arriving at his warehouse Tommy see's his worker Black Grimace bound with zip ties. Grim tells Tommy that Ghost robbed them including Kanan. Tommy learns Kanan was alive and kidnapped Ghost as well as his son. Tommy tells Ghost that Tasha was right about Kanan being alive. Realizing that Tasha did not tell Ghost while he was in prison, Tommy reveals to him that Tasha received a ransom demand of paying Kanan money or he would kill Tariq. Also there was a picture that shows Tariq passed out with a burned arm around Tariq. Tommy and Ghost asks Tariq if Dre knew about Kanan being alive this entire time. Tariq lies to them and says that Dre did not know that Kanan is alive.

Tommy goes to a warehouse where he confronts Dre about Kanan's survival threatening to kill him but Dre says he didn't know which Tommy believes. The two notice Julio's car and go inside the building where they find Julio dead with an angry Tommy wanting to meet with Julio's old gang while promoting Dre to his right-hand man in their business. Tommy visits Julio's old gang and they allow him to kill a rogue member (who says in Spanish he didn't do it) as recompense. After doing so, Tommy demands to see their boss stating they owe him such for his top man's death. At the meeting, he states the organization owes twice one was for killing Julio and the other was for him killing Felipe Lobos before he could testify against any of them. He demands their territory that he and ghost gave them as well aiding him in expanding his business.

Tommy later meets with Ghost and he learns that James killed a guard in the prison and Tony Teresi saw it and helped him cover it in exchange for call from Tommy. James gives Tommy the phone, Teresi gave him in prison while he questions why he do this before shrugging it off after James mentions the agent Tommy killed. He states that Proctor holds the evidence implicating them in Lobos' murder and since Proctor contains it, they don't what could happen if he lost it. They resolve to handle things they usually do before Tommy leaves while James implores him to call Teresi.

Afterwards, Tommy contacts Teresi and the two finally talk with Tommy questioning why he wanted to speak with him so badly and Teresi reveals he is Tommy's father. Shocked, Tommy denies this stating his father was dead and tells Teresi since he has spoke with him then his debt with James is over.

Teresi states he understand but reveals it the decision of Tommy's mother Kate that he wasn't there in his life. Tommy is angry and questions how Teresi knew his mother but is further shocked as Teresi revealed how he met Kate and voiced some similarities that he shares. Teresi soon states he wants to meet Tommy and asks him to visit him in jail before hanging up as Tommy is left silent and angry as a result of this information.

Tommy soon goes to his mother for answers about Teresi being his dad, but she sticks to her story that his father was dead. Tommy then gets angry about this man Tony Teresi telling him that he was his father as she tells him that he's lying before he leaves. He goes to meet James who he tells about his experience as James replies he sort had a feeling when Teresi hinted at it but didn't know for sure.

When Tommy visits Tony's wife Connie, Tommy finds a picture of Teresi holding Tommy when he was an infant. When Tommy arrives at his mothers house, he shows Kate the picture and recognized the house that they lived in before they moved to Queens.

Tommy then ask Kate to tell him the truth about Tony. Kate reveals that Teresi is his father, and explains that he came by the house and held him for a minute and revealed that she took the picture. Kate then goes on to say that Teresi told her that he would be back in an half-an hour but never returned. Kate expresses that he left them both with nothing and that he cannot be trusted. Tommy angrily leaves.

After that, Tommy contacts Teresi who is surprised to hear from him again. Tommy tells him there was a recently arrested prisoner who he needs dead and Teresi agrees to it asking for nothing in return saying he's family. Tony asks for the person's name and Tommy its Mike Sandoval and Tony tells his son he'll handle it. Much later, Tommy is contacted and told him its done as Ghost asks what they need to do for Teresi to which he replies nothing.

Tommy contacts his father again and thanks him for his action as Teresi expresses pride in his son's activities since it was a prosecutor. He then tells Tommy more about their family before requesting Tommy come see him though Tommy denies it since he has felonies though Teresi he can come after getting proof that he's his son from Kate. Once again Tommy is angry at his mother for lying to him, but Teresi tells Tommy to not blame Kate for wiping him from his life because he broke her heart. However Teresi states that he is not the kind of man to deny his son, and hangs up on him.

Tommy later tries to find his birth certificate. Kate tries to stop Tommy from visiting Teresi. Tommy then threatening harm on her and reminded her what he did to Holly. Out of fear Kate finally tells Tommy where his real birth certificate is. When Tommy finally sees it, he is shocked that Teresi was at the hospital, on the day Kate gave birth to him, and that Tony gave Tommy his last name.

Kate reveals to Tommy that Teresi tried to take him from her to live with him and his wife who couldn't have kids. Also have Connie raise Tommy as her own son. When Teresi refused to leave Connie and out of fear of having her son being taken from her, she stopped this and gave Tommy his grandfather's name to hide his relation to Teresi.

Angry, Tommy expresses that his life could have been so much different if Teresi was around. Tommy then tells his mother to stay away from him for good after taking back the drugs he gave her. Tommy falls back into his old ways and it results in him losing his business and his relationship with LaKeisha Grant and the St. Patrick's after he gets a check and goes to visit his father at the prison.

At the prison, the two then meet face to face with both surprised at their resemblance to one another and laughing about it. They talk for a while before Tommy requests to learn and meet rest of their family from Teresi's side.

Tommy later meets some of Tony's old friends and gets to know them before he is met by Kanan asks if he or Ghost sent the assassins and shows Tommy the assassins' dead bodies in his car trunk. Tommy denies it but tells Kanan the assassins were Hermanos Tianos because of their gang tattoos. Tommy tells Kanan Cristobal is the leader of the Hermanos Tianos and he is friends with Dre. They call a truce due to Kanan saving Tariq and Kanan leaves.

He later discovers Raina's death and feels guilty about getting high on Cocaine and believes that he could have done something as it was his job as an uncle and godfather to watch out for her.

Tommy later joins Ghost in confronting the gang they believed was responsible though they learned the gang was innocent but discover Dre set Julio up to die which angers Tommy but Ghost shrugs it off as he wants to find who killed his daughter.

While out Tommy spots Dre with Ray Ray but decides not kill him since it was too risky and drives off. Much later, he is called by Kanan and finds out a man named Ray Ray was responsible for Raina's death and is told of the latter's address.

Tommy goes there where he threatens Ray Ray's cousin who he realizes was the girl Tariq has been with. After getting an answer to where Ray Ray is, he calls Tasha and Ghost of this new development before learning Tariq was heading there too in order to avenge his sister.

After Tariq kills Ray Ray, Tommy and Ghost appear with Tommy recognizing him as the man who was with Dre before they dispose of the body to avoid framing Tariq while Tasha takes him home.

Tommy and Ghost then make plans to get Dre but Tommy receives a call from Kanan to tell him to let him speak with Ghost and they form an alliance. The three men sit in Tommy's car and spot Dre with his new affiliation, they realize it was too risky to kill him since he was protected by the Jimenez Cartel. The three then drive off with the intention of getting reinforcement to carry out their plan for revenge another day.

Season Five

As they make plans, Tommy and Ghost try to kill Dre but the latter anticipated this and shoots at James, grazing and leaving him wounded but Tommy and Kanan get him to safety. Proctor has an underground doctor tend to James and Tommy welcomes him to the family.

Tommy is later met by Jason who is angry at him for causing a loss of money and forces him, James, and Kanan to work for him to repay him the millions.

Tommy meets with his father's mob friends and forms an alliance with them. Though warned not to approach two young men in the family, Tommy offers a large sum of money if they capture Dre alive for him to kill.

He is contacted by his father who tells him that he is getting out, after he heard of a sketchy prosecutor doing his case but stating he's too old to care and Tommy is happy before Tony hangs up. Tommy is skeptical, due to his father's prison sentence and wonders is he is a snitch and goes to talk with LaKeisha who nearly rebuffs him but lets him and he tells her of his feelings about being unsure with his father and her. She gives him advice and he asks her if she hates but she states she doesn't but stops him from kissing her.

When Tommy and his mother finally talk, he reveals to her that Teresi is getting released from prison. Kate then asks Tommy what does he want in return, and Tommy says nothing. His mother does not believe Tony has changed and wants Tommy to watch his back with Teresi, because he is going to use him.

He tells Kanan of this and the latter is surprised by his family before telling him to give it a chance. With that, Tommy decides to give his father the benefit of the doubt.

After Tony is processed and released from prison, Tommy picks him up and the two share a hug. Tommy asks about his future goals and Tony tells him they will get food and start some trouble as they drive off.

Tommy later meets with his father at the graves of his paternal grandparents. Tommy learns more about his father's family and is amazed by the tales of it.

Tommy meets with Proctor and asks him what he wants before Angela shows up, he tries to leave but she stops him and tells him she knows he is league with the Jimenez. Tommy denies it and tells her she has nothing to arrest him with before she reveals his car was bugged with a tracker.

On Tariq's birthday, he lets Tariq drives his car and is pleased to see that the latter is happy. He has Tariq pull over and confronts him on him notifying Dre, he states he realized this at Raina's funeral and that Tariq must have overheard him and Ghost talking to let Dre know. He tells Tariq he is now in a large debt with powerful and dangerous people because of his actions, though he admires that he wanted to honor his debts.

In "The Devil Inside" after killing Marshal Romano, Tommy starts to call Teresi dad which made Tony guilty after talking with Connie. After having dinner with Connie and Teresi, Tommy stops by Lakeisha's place to ask her if she wants to have dinner with him, his dad and stepmom. Lakeshia says yes and their relationship rekindles.

Tommy later learns from Vincent Ragni that the real reason why Teresi got out of prison, was to snitch on him and Ghost. At first Tommy did not want to believe that Tony would betray him, but Vincent shows him proof and threatens to kill Tommy if he does not kill Teresi. After picking up Tony, Tommy confronts him and tells him he knows how he really got out of prison. Tony tries to explain, but Tommy dismisses him, and drops him off at the hospital where Connie is at.

A distraught Tommy drives Tony home from the hospital and Teresi tries to explain why he snitched but couldn't because he had bonded with Tommy. However Tommy ends up killing him, and dropping his body at his paternal grandparents graves.

Tommy goes to his mothers house and tells her she was right about Teresi. Kate hugs and consoles her son, while Tommy cries and break down in her arms. Tommy reveals to his mother hat he killed Teresi, and Kate tells him that he did the right thing.

In the season 5 finale Tommy is using Cocaine again after being used by Teresi, and Lakeisha comes over. Under the influence he argues with her and tells her to get out. Tommy meets up with Ghost and is still a little bit high. Tommy tells James that he was right about his father, and that he killed him. Ghost is shown relieved that Tommy killed his father.

Tommy and Ghost meet Angela and Tasha about a R.I.C.O case built against them and comes up with a plan to stay out of jail. Meanwhile Dre's old friend 2-Bit informs Tommy that Dre is going to snitch on him and Ghost. Also he reveals that the reason why his boss Jason is still alive was because he told Kanan that James and Dre made a deal. In exchange for Ghost to kill Diego Jimenez, Dre kills Jason. Tommy spares Dre's life in exchange his organization is back in business by having Dre's former workers work for him. Also he and Angela had planned the shootout for Dre to sign documents that implicates Alicia Jimenez in Mike and Lobos's murders.

Tommy convinces Lakeisha to not snitch on him, Ghost, and Tasha. Tommy promises to protect her and her son, in which Lakeisha agrees. Copper Saxe drops by Tommy's place to tell him that Teresi did not snitch on him only Ghost and leaves him with a recorded. Tommy is distraught when he plays Tony's confession of not snitching on him but Ghost.

Tommy and Ghost's friendship is destroyed, when Tommy questions Vincent on how he got pictures of Teresi talking to the Feds. Vincent reveals that Ghost came here and demanded him to tell Tommy that Teresi is a snitch and wants him to kill father. Outraged he follows Ghost and Angela at their old high school. After they kissed, he fires his gun at Ghost but Angela pushed him out of the way and ended up getting shot. Tommy leaves and is satisfied at what he has done.

Season Six

After shooting Angela, Tommy calls Lakeisha to help him. Tommy and Tasha then talk and tells her that he shot Angela in the chest and that it was meant for Ghost because he tricked him into killing Teresi. Tasha asked Tommy why he didn't check to see if she was dead. Tommy said that Ghost was there when she was shot, and that he needs her an alibi .

Tommy goes to his home and is attacked by James who tells him in a rage that he killed Angela. However Tommy fires back and tells him that he knows about him tricking him into killing his father but that his father was only snitching on him. Tariq arrives and breaks up the fight between them.

Then while dumping Kanan's ashes, Tommy asks Tariq how he would feel if something bad happened to Ghost. Tariq is unsure how he would feel, but Tommy tells him he would understand if he turns on him for his father. Whilst in a meeting with Jason, Tommy is asked by Jason if Ghost would be a problem, and Tommy says that he and Ghost have an understanding. Jason, Tommy, and Jason's men head outside when they hear gunfire, they see one of Jason's men Stanomir shot to death in Tommy's car. Jason reveals to Tommy that he had a feeling that Ghost followed him to kill him. Also Jason had sacrifice one of his men for him by letting Stanomir take Tommy's car keys and have him drive his car. Jason will let Ghost to believe that Tommy is dead.

Tommy starts to regret keeping Ghost alive and plots to kill him. Jason later demands Tommy to pay him 100k every two weeks and that he will have his security protect him from Ghost, however gives him an ultimatum. If he goes after Ghost, Jason tells Tommy that he will not have his men protecting him and he will allow Ghost to kill him. Afterwards Tommy show up at Angela's funeral and see's Ghost for the first time since James tried to kill him.

Then a day later Jason demands Tommy and his crew to bust Alicia Jimenez out of her trial, so that he can have her ports to sell his drugs in L.A. After that Tommy enlist Lakeisha, Proctor, and his men on his plan to get Alicia out of her trial. Also by using Proctor inside guy, Charlie to spike Alicia water with drugs. So that Alicia will get sick and go to bathroom, and have Lakeisha to alert Tommy by being in the bathroom, and his men get her out of the bathroom by disguises themselves as EMT's.

Tommy and Lakeisha celebrate and asks Lakeisha if he can have Tasha clean his money. Lakeisha refuses to have Tasha in her and Tommy's life and says that she will clean his money, Tommy happily agrees. However he doesn't tell Lakeisha that he is still hanging out with Tasha behind Lakeisha's back. James contacts Tommy about killing Jason, but Tommy refuses and says that he will kill him when he sees him.

Kate visits Tommy and meets Lakeisha and talks to her while Tommy goes to work. After Tommy returns, Kate tells him that she likes Lakeisha but that he should end the relationship because Kate sees Cash (Lakeisha's son) for the first time and saw a similar situation with Tommy when he was bullied at Cash's age. Another point is Kate tells Tommy that Lakeisha would always put her son first, and that she is always right when it came to people disappointing Tommy (like Holly and Teresi). Tommy angrily tells Kate that she is wrong about Lakeisha, and about his father and pushes her out of his apartment.

Tommy learns that Tariq is selling drugs at Choate. Tommy urges Tariq not to be a drug dealer and that he can do better in his life. Tasha and Tommy talk in his car about cleaning his money at her new daycare center, Tommy refuses because Lakeisha had told him about running in to Tasha at a clothing store, and that she was going to clean his money at her hair shop. Tommy kicks Tasha out of her car because she brought up Holly, and insulting Lakeisha.

Later Tommy confronts Proctor at knife point, about not telling him that James was there to get Alicia Jimenez from court. Proctor tells him that there is a witness name Maria Suarez who Tommy and his men kidnapped along with her fiance Miguel Alvarez, and let her go on James's order. Also James gave Maria money to disappear, however she is still testifying against Ghost and Tommy. Tommy demands him to give him Maria's address.

Later Tommy breaks into Maria's apartment and hides in her closet. Tommy hears Cooper Saxe and Maria talking about James giving her money and that Maria still wants Justice for her fiance. Unaware that Saxe lied to Maria about Proctor being his witness, Tommy is angry and betrayed about Proctor snitching. After Saxe leaves, Tommy comes out of Maria's closet and shoots her in the head. After hearing about Proctor snitching on him, Tommy has 2-Bit kidnapp Charlie (Proctors friend) into giving up Proctors location. After 2-Bit kills Charlie, he tells Tommy where Proctor is. Knowing that Proctor is at James penthouse, he has Tariq leave the backdoor open and turn off the security alarms.

Tommy confronts Proctor on his betrayal and starts shooting at him with a machine gun. Proctor fight back and starts shooting at Tommy. Tommy continues to shoot at Proctor and tries to break down Raina's door when Proctor barricade the room. Finally Tommy breaks into Raina's room and shoots Proctor to death. However when Tommy get a text from Tariq, he goes to see him only to meet Ghost (who had an emergency call from Tariq). Vincent with his guards tells them both that Tariq screwed with his business when he tried to cheat him. Vincent demands Tommy and Ghost give him 2 million dollars in 24 hours or he's going to kill Tariq.

Tommy and Ghost put aside their differences temporary for them to get Tariq. Unaware that Tariq planned his kidnapping for them to pay Vincent and him. Tommy asks Lakeisha to help Tasha to clean their money. Lakeisha agrees but tells Tommy that they are done with Ghost and Tasha after getting the money. Tommy and his crew sells Jason products and manages to get two million dollars with help from James who got the loan from councilman Tate. However Jason learns that Tommy and Ghost are working together behind his back, and takes one million dollars from them. Tommy and Ghost asks Vincent for extra time to get him his money. Vincent angrily beats Tariq with a bag of oranges and warns them of the consequences of not getting him his money. Tasha steps in, and gets some of the money with help of her connect at her daycare center.

Tommy, Ghost, and Tasha plans to rob rich people at Tate's fundraiser, with the help of Tate's worker Alphonse, 2-Bit, and Spanky. They have Benny and his crew sell their items for quick cash as well. After getting 2 million dollars Vincent decides to kill Tariq, Ghost, and Tommy. However Benny shows up with his men, and orders Vincent to not kill them, because Tariq saved his niece when Proctor got killed. When Benny mentions Proctor, Tommy feels guilty.

Later Tommy talks to Lakeisha and tells her that Ghost knows about him killing Proctor. Tommy tells Lakeisha that he will kill Ghost. The next day Tommy discovers that someone has stolen product from him. When he returns home Lakeisha informs him that 2-Bit put his hands on her, when she asks him about his missing drugs. However Lakeisha informs Tommy that Tariq came to talk to him, but reveals that he was the one who stole his drugs, not 2-Bit. Lakeisha states to Tommy that Tariq knows about his location to his warehouse in Brooklyn, when Ghost tried to kill him.

Tommy at first does not want to believe Tariq would lie to him, but Lakeisha warns him that Tariq is not the same kid that he helped raised. Tommy confronts 2-Bit about putting hands on her, and fires him and Spanky. Later Tommy confronts Tariq about stealing from him and scares him by grabbing him and almost pushing him off the roof. Tommy expresses disappointment from Tariq and declares that they are no longer family. Tommy is surprised when 2-Bit and Spanky come to his warehouse with Dre. Tommy tells his crew to keep an eye on Dre, when he gets a call from Lakeisha. When Tommy arrives at Lakeisha's shop, he sees her arm cut up, and a dead body. Lakeisha reveals to Tommy that Ghost paid her to leave him, and that he send a guy to attack her. Unaware that it was 2-Bit and Spanky who hired a man named Mozzy to scare Lakeisha.

Lakeisha asks Tommy to move her and Cash to a safe neighborhood, and in a big house. At Jason's warehouse Tommy is about to confront Ghost, Jason informs them both that they will be working together. Jason warns both Tommy and Ghost that if either of them kills the other, he will kill that person. Tommy storms in at Truth and demands Ramona to leave. When Ramona leaves Tommy finally confronts James about trying to send Lakeisha away, and hired someone to attack her. James denies sending someone to attack Lakeisha, but reveals that he did pay her to leave. Tommy and Ghost talk about Jason, who both realize that he needs to be dead. Tommy promises Lakeisha by moving her and Cash to a new house and protecting them.

The next day Tommy learns that Lakeisha was talking to the cops, and angrily confronts her. Lakeisha denies snitching on Tommy, but tells her that she was scared to tell him because she knows about him killing Holly from his mother. Tommy assures Lakeisha that he has changed, and that she is better than Holly. Later Tommy bonds with Cash, and tells him that if the cops bother him, he should tell him. Ghost contacts Tommy about killing Saxe after he tries to get Tariq to flip on them.

Both Tommy and Ghost breaks into Saxe's apartment and attacks him. Tommy reveals to Saxe that he killed Angela, not Ghost. They both almost kill Saxe, but Ghost talks Tommy out of it, because they can still use Saxe to get more info from the FBI because Saxe was fired from misconduct. However James warns Saxe that they will come back and kill him if he screws with them. Tommy and Cash buy a rose for Lakeisha, and Tommy plans to propose to Lakeisha. When they arrive home, Tommy discovers Lakeisha dead. Tommy tells Cash to wait in the car, and goes back in and drops his ring and cries. The next day Tommy contacts Lakeisha's ex boyfriend to come pick Cash up. Tommy informs him of Lakeisha's death, and vows to kill the person. Believing that it was Ghost, Tommy texted Jason to warn him that Ghost is planning to kill him. However Tommy's drug business starts to crumble. His workers were arrested, and Jason is dead. Tommy does not know that Dre snitched on Tommy's organization.

During It's All Your Fault, Tommy discovers Tasha killed LaKeisha and confronts her but ultimately chooses not to kill her but cuts ties with her. On his way to save James, Tommy tries to get Tariq to help him but the boy refuses because Ghost brought this on himself. Tommy then tries to head to the club but is accosted by Vincent and his gang. Despite the heavy numbers, Tommy overpowers the gang and executes Vincent by pistol whipping him to death, avenging his father. Tommy arrives at Truth where he shares a glance with Andre who is fleeing the club. He makes it into the nightclub where he finds Ghost severely wounded from a shot to the chest. Tommy tells him that he’ll get through it but James isn’t sure on this occasion. Tommy believes that it was Andre because he saw him, but James tells me it wasn’t. After noticing James look up to see the shooter, Tommy is shocked that it is Tariq. He angrily aims his gun at the latter for his actions, but Ghost tells him not to shoot and Tariq runs off. Tommy and James share one final moment together by reconciling their friendship before Tommy sees James die. Tommy goes to see his mother who believes that he was the one who killed James, despite his protests. Kate gives Tommy a letter James sent before she cut ties with him tell him to go to California because James left her some money. Tommy discovers James had his car fixed as one final gift to him. Tommy is then called by 2-Bit on who he thinks drop the body on him: Spanky. After thanking him, Tommy wishes him luck in his sentence. Finding Spanky coming out of a convenience store, Tommy stops him. They talk with a nervous Spanky stating he had no idea if Tommy snitched, and that 2-Bit sent the gangster who LaKeisha killed. Tommy told Spanky that he has a new place to go for a fresh start. Spanky asks where, with Tommy stating if he told him "I'd have to kill you". Tommy then tells him California and shoots Spanky in the eye, killing him instantly. Tommy visits Elisa Marie, she notes that she knows he killed her father and Tommy tells her to look him up if she wants to get even. Elisa Marie gives him the last recording which she had in her necklace, and he destroys it. With the loose ends taken care of and nothing holding him back, Tommy decides to leave New York behind. Turning on the radio, he hears the broadcast about Ghost's death and Tate's nomination, before listening to music and leaving New York.

Power Book II: Ghost

To escape being sentenced to prison, Tasha pins the blame of killing James on Tommy by making the feds put a priority on capturing him.

In the season finale, Tommy caught word of what Tasha had done and returned to New York, with a motive to kill Tasha. He attempts a drive-by on Tasha while she is at the Cane business but he fails to kill Tasha but kills Owl instead. As he drove off, Tasha spotted his car and realized he was back to kill her for falsely implicating him.

However, Tariq finds Tommy while he was visiting Cash. Tariq approaches him while begging the latter to not kill his mother. Tommy makes it clear to Tariq that he promised his father that he would not kill him and remind him that he has severed ties with him after what Tariq did. Tommy is still intent on killing Tasha until Tariq makes a plan for him to fake his own death and put his name in the clear. As a result, Tommy steals his mother's car and crashes it into a gas pump after being chased by the FBI. This gives off the belief that he was killed in the fire but in reality, he easily made his escape unseen. That night, he calls Tariq to tell him the plan went off without a hitch but secretly he still had plans to kill Tasha to tie up loose ends. At the cemetery, he finds Tariq and Tasha talking while hiding behind one of the headstones and prepares to kill Tasha but stops when the feds show up to take Tasha away. Tariq had anticipated that Tommy would still go after his mother and gave up an anonymous call to lure her away. Furthermore, he had Monet, one of his allies come to help him just in case he was threatened by Tommy. Impressed Tariq now has connections, Tommy turns to face Monet who wants revenge on him for killing her bodyguard but Tariq stops her. Tommy soon sees the Cane family come and sees he can't get Tasha. Although Tommy says that he will continue to try to kill Tasha, Tommy respects that Tariq has become more like his father by thinking ahead. Tommy then walks away promising never to see Tariq again.

In season 2, he appeared in Tariq’s flashback when he arrives at the scene ready to kill Tariq until ghost tells him not to. Tommy was later mentioned again when Mecca was revealed to be a informant and that he knows Tommy and Ghost. It was Mecca who informed Angela, Saxe and the US attorney office of Lobos dealings which resulted in Tommy and Ghost almost being discovered.

Power Book IV: Force

With Tommy assumed dead in New York, he was on the path to make a new start in California.

In A Short Fuse and a Long Memory, he initially had plans to meet with a contact Rodolfo but made a visit to Chicago. He stops at an old house and after intimidating a small-time thug, he discovers his grandmother Miriam Egan is still alive and finds her at a retirement home and tries to talk with her, but he backs out at the last minute. While in the city, he is accosted by members of a mob family called the Flynn Family but easily holds his own. Tommy also makes a connection with a local bartender who took in interest in. He also robbed one of the gangsters who harassed him while gaining news of a heist. Tommy easily killed the members of an opposing gang while gaining respect from another, who let him have the money. Eventually, he worked up the strength to see his grandmother and showed her a picture to remind her who he was. This led to a moving moment between them and he was happy that he got to see her before his trip. While leaving, he felt he was being followed and after nearing his car, he was accosted by an unknown man but threatened him at gunpoint and questioned who sent him. The man was unfazed and questioned him on why he was visiting Miriam while stating he was the only person that did that for the past six years. Tommy questioned him on who he was, and was told that he was Miriam's grandson, leaving him shocked until he revealed the woman as his grandmother too, having a picture to prove it with a phrase on the back. The man revealed he had the phrase tattooed on his arm. Afterward, the two get acquainted and Tommy learns the man is his older half-brother JP Gibbs, who was born to their shared mother. Tommy described Kate is not worth the time of his brother and proceeds to exchange numbers with JP. Tommy is soon approached by the Flynn family and meets the head Walter Flynn who requests the money and thanks him on saving his son while telling him to leave the city. As he drives out, Tommy begins thinking on his next move and after Roldofo calls him again, does he make his choice. He bluntly curses out the latter and tells him that he works for nobody, before tossing his phone away and deciding to stay in Chicago to make his own empire.

During King of the Goddamn Hill, while overlooking the city, Tommy looks at pictures of Keisha and Cash before he gets a call from his brother who needs to see him. Tommy finds his brother owns a club that has been shot up and it was not the first time. He briefly questioned JP on his activities while telling him not to be quick on calling him family. Tommy learns more of his brother such as his divorce from his husband and his money trouble. Deciding to help out, he supplies him with some money that might cut corners for a while. Much later, he is attacked by Liliana who he recognizes from New York because of her scar. He is able to defend himself and moves to kill her with his gun but stops after the police drive by and Liliana swears to get him later. That night he breaks into the house of Liliana and questions her on everything and she explains that she thought he was there to kill her. The two realize it was pure coincidence they brought them back together and Tommy nearly killed her in a rage but stops when she finds that she’s been selling drugs and recruits are to be a part of his new organization.

In He Ain't Heavy, Tommy walks to his car and without looking holds a young man named D-Mac him on what he wants. D-Mac says he needs some work because he is out of CBI. Tommy questions on what use he could be to him, and the young man says he's good at math. Tommy is impressed with him correctly answering math questions and by him adding math to the drug game. Tommy then tells him that he may have a spot for him in his organization, to his joy. Much later, he notices his brother is good with his hands and recruits him to make Dahlia. He also informs Liliana of this but swears her to secrecy on JP. That night, he follows D-Mac and observes him placing money in a case before heading out. Tommy investigates the box and discovers that D-Mac is the son of JP, through a picture of them together. Tommy is shocked to realize that D-Mac is his nephew.

During Trust, Tommy is annoyed that D-Mac made a deal behind his back and reveals he is aware of D-Mac shooting up JP's club and JP is his father. Tommy then tells that he is his uncle, JP's brother. He is unfazed by D-Mac pulling a gun but knows he won't shoot and watches him storm out. Tommy finds him sitting on a curb, as they discuss the scenario and D-Mac voices how he didn't know he had an uncle. They decide to tell JP, wondering how he'll handle it and D-Mac states he won't call him "Uncle Tommy". Not too soon, a car pulls up and Tommy pushes D-Mac out of the way after it starts shooting but Tommy is able to shoot one of the passengers and the car flees. Although he is shocked by the act, he is alarmed when D-Mac calls out to him and reveals he was shot in the gut, as Tommy carries him to safety. While he was at the hospital, Tommy tells JP who D-Mac is and the latter goes to see his son.

In Family Business, Tommy visits his brother and nephew at the hospital, having brought supplies. At first, JP is upset with him but Tommy voices how he saved him and that he has someone waiting outside, to protect them. He then asks about him, which JP gives that he is in and out of consciousness. After calming down, JP tells Tommy to find the shooter and get revenge, which he promises. He also goes to get medical records at his grandmother's house only to find his mother, attempting to steal money from the walls. He is annoyed to see her but updates her on JP, begrudgingly agreeing to take her to meet the next day. He later murders one of the Irish horsemen, as a message to the Flynn family. The next day, he speaks to D-Mac about who shot at them, before being told it might be CBI and Tommy realize Jenard is plotting against Diamond. D-Mac then asks about Kate, as Tommy informed of his relation to Kate. Tommy later gets in a shootout with Victor Flynn and the Horsemen, with Flynn retreating. He is greatly shocked when JP is snatched by the Flynn Family and CBI, after they discover his connection. With help from Diamond and Liliana, he enters a battle that ended with the Diamond cutting off ties with his brother, Tommy saving JP, the Flynn siblings leaving their father, and Liliana dying. At the end, he is seen connecting with his whole family. He makes a toast to Liliana with JP and Diamond



  • Kill Milan and Lobos (Succeeded)
  • Kill Holly for trying to have Ghost killed (Succeeded)
  • Kill Teresi for being a snitch (Succeeded)
  • Kill Dre for killing Julio (Partially succeeded; Dre was killed in prison on orders of Ghost)
  • Kill Angela and get away with her murder (Succeeded)
  • Kill Tasha for killing Lakeisha and ratting on him (decided not to because he believed that her kids deserved better)
  • Kill Vincent and his gang (Succeeded)
  • Kill Ghost (formerly/found out truth and made amends with Ghost before he died)
  • Save Ghost from getting killed (failed)
  • Kill Tariq for killing Ghost (gave up after Ghost told him to let it go)

Power: Ghost

  • Kill Tasha for trying to pin the murder of James on him (failed in the finale but still is ongoing as he has stated he still plans to come for Tasha)
  • Fake his death and leave the city (Succeeded)

Power: Force

  • Make a fresh start in Chicago (Succeeded)
  • Take the Serbs pipeline (Succeeded)
  • Protect JP and D-Mac at all cost (Succeeded/ongoing)
  • Kill Claudia Flynn to avenge Liliana’s death (ongoing)
  • Kill Jenard Sampson (ongoing)

Murders committed by Tommy


Power Book II: Ghost

  • Owl: Shot in the stomach. He was aiming Tasha for snitching on him.

Power Book IV: Force

  • Two Unnamed Thugs: Shot multiple times for trying to rob him.
  • Two Rojas Cartel Members: burned alive in the car for trying to kill him, Diamond and Jenard.
  • Serbian Mob Member: Shot to death in order to save Liliana.
  • Tatiana: Stabbed to death in order to save Liliana and for threatening to kill him.
  • Zivko: Shot to death.
  • Serbian Mob Member: Shot to death in an attack to try to take the Serbians pipeline in Chicago.
  • Two of Walter Flynn's henchmen: Shot to death.
  • Serbian Mob Member: Shot to death for killing Gloria.
  • Irish Mob Member: Strangled to death.
  • Two Irish Mob Members: Shot to death.

Murders connected to Tommy

  • Miguel Alvarez: Shot in the head by Ghost after being kidnapped by Tommy and refusing to talk. Tommy also handed Ghost the gun used to kill Miguel.
  • Unnamed De Sangre Member: Shot to death in self-defense by Liliana after Ghost and Tommy armed their crew with guns. Tommy dismembered his corpse and later he and Ghost sent his severed body parts to several gang leaders in their organization to send a message to whoever was attacking their organization.
  • Rolla: Requested Ghost to kill Rolla otherwise he would do it himself.
  • QDubs: Shot by Kanan while Tommy was with Kanan when it happened.
  • Unnamed Albanian Gangster: Indirectly caused. Murdered by Vladimir Jankovic with a chainsaw after Ghost and Tommy framed the Albanians for foiling a drug shipment of Vladimir’s.
  • Unnamed Korean Gangster: Indirectly caused as Ghost had to kill him to save Tommy after Tommy pissed off Dylan Shin.
  • Dylan Shin: Indirectly caused as Ghost had to kill him to save Tommy after Tommy pissed him off.
  • Three FBI Agents: Shot to death by Raul and Mo after Tommy helped them attack Lobos' prison convoy.
  • Raul: Shot in the head by Ghost as Tommy set up Lobos.
  • Felipe Lobos: Shot twice in the chest by Ghost, Tommy and Ghost conspired together to kill Lobos.
  • Mike Sandoval: Neck slashed as a result of Ghost and Tommy contracting Tony Teresi to get him killed in prison.
  • Uriel Diaz: Shot in the head by Ghost after being interrogated by Ghost and Tommy.
  • Raymond "Ray Ray" Jones: Shot to death by Tariq St. Patrick for killing Raina St. Patrick. Tommy and Ghost helped dispose of the body.
  • Marco: Indirectly caused. Tommy hired him and Carmine to kidnap Dre but they failed and were shot to death by Dre.
  • Carmine: Indirectly caused. Tommy hired him and Marco to kidnap Dre but they failed and were shot to death by Dre.
  • Arturo Magdeleno: Tied up by Dre, Set on fire by Alicia, snitching talk to the feds and accusing Tommy and Ghost when Dre told Diego that he finds out it wasn't Ghost and Tommy got Diego and Alicia.
  • Marshal Romano: Tommy tied him up and held him down while Tony Teresi drilled a hole into his head with a drill.
  • Diego Jimenez: Shot in the shoulder and then in the head by Kanan on Ghost's orders. Tommy disposed of Diego's severed head in the freezer of the hotel where Dre works to cause him trouble.
  • Sammy: Stabbed to death by Tony Teresi. Tommy helped dispose of the body.
  • Stanomir: Indirectly caused. Shot to death by Ghost with an assault rifle. Ghost thought he was shooting at Tommy.
  • Alicia Jimenez: Shot in the chest and the chin by Jason Micic. Tommy broke Alicia out of federal custody and delivered her to Jason.
  • Charlie: Shot to death by 2-Bit. Tommy ordered 2-Bit to kidnap Charlie into giving up Proctor's location.
  • Jason Micic: Strangled to death by Ghost. Tommy and Ghost came up with a plan to get rid of Jason.
  • Mozzy: Shot to death by LaKeisha Grant. Tommy gave LaKeisha the gun used to kill Mozzy and helped dispose of the body.
  • Andre Coleman: 2-Bit called Tommy tells he know that Spanky snitch on him about Poncho and he set Dre on fire.
  • Carter: Indirectly caused. Shot in the back by Kamaal Tate. Carter was upset Tate didn’t notify him and his father about Tommy who killed Croop. Carter confronted Tate but was killed instead.

Power Book IV: Force

  • Colin: Gave Vic a pillow to kill him for disrespecting him, Vic and Walter.
  • One of the Serbians members: Stabbed to death by Liliana as Tommy arrives to rescue her.
  • Mai Liet: Stabbed to death by Claudia. Tommy helped dispose of the body.

Attempted murder victims


  • Similar to Kanan, Cane, and Tariq, Tommy has killed a member of his family when he killed his father Tony Teresi and when killing Holly his unborn child.
  • Tommy, Kanan and Tariq are the only original characters to appear in more than one spin off. Kanan appears as the protagonist of Raising Kanan and as a ghost in Power Book II, Tommy appeared as a antagonist in Power Book II and the protagonist of Power Book IV while Tariq appears as the protagonist of a power Book II: Ghost and in a flashback in Power book IV: Force.
  • Like his father, he has a thing for red heads.
  • Along with Tariq St. Patrick and Rashad Tate, Tommy is currently the only main character to not be killed or imprisoned by the series end.
  • He and James once had a rap group.
  • He never met his paternal grandparents who died before he was aware of them.
  • From his father, he is half-Sicilian.
  • He previously worked as a bouncer when he was 13, which was his only legal job.
  • Kate stated she named Tommy after his maternal grandfather.
  • Like James, Tariq, and Kanan, Tommy has killed a law official in his case it was; a homeland security agent, federal prosecutor and defense lawyer.
  • Tommy's younger self is portrayed by Ethan Cutkosky who played Carl Gallagher in Shameless where he acted like a gangster.
  • Tommy was a deuteragonist throughout 9 episodes of season 5 then became an antagonist in the last episode.
  • Tommy is Tariq’s final antagonist in Season 1 of Power Book II.
  • Tommy is one of the only three characters to kill someone in both the show and its spin-off, the others being Tariq and 2-Bit.
  • The only characters from Tommy's criminal organization in New York who are still alive in the show are 2-Bit and Roberto.
  • In a way, Tommy leaving New York saved him in many ways.
    • He escaped the wrath of Paz Valdes who discovered he killed Angela.
    • He escaped the wrath of the mob families after him.
    • He escaped arrest after Tasha blamed him for killing James.
  • In his spin-off, Tommy settles in Chicago.
    • In real life, his actor Joseph Sikora hails from Chicago.
  • Tommy considered the St. Patrick kids his nieces and nephew; in his spin-off he is revealed to have an actual nephew named D-Mac.