Toros Locos is a Cuban gang founded by Uriel Diaz they had 718 on the tattoo of their neck.


Toros Locos are a gang based in Queens, they are all shaved headed, they all hate betrayal and seem to want the gang to stick to the end.


  • Uriel Diaz: Original leader, he gets shot in the head by James St. Patrick for killing Julio.
  • Lorenzo Salazar: De facto leader after Uriel is killed, he then gets killed in a drive-by by Francis "2-Bit" Johnson in order of Dre.
  • Arturo Magdeleno: Next leader after Lorenzo, he is later burned to death by Alicia Jimenez from a cigarette for being an informant to the FBI.
  • Julio Romano: Former member, left the gang to work for Ghost, Uriel and his gang later catch up with Julio and Uriel stabs him to death for betraying the gang and also cutting off the 718 tattoo off his neck.
  • Framed Toros Locos Member: Member of the gang, got set up by Uriel and gave him up and made him out to be the one who killed Julio to Tommy Egan to save himself, Tommy then shoots him in the head


  • Alicia Jimenez & Diego Jimenez: Uriel Diaz has been a long time main disto and seems to be very good friends with them, after Uriel's death they wanted revenge for him.
  • Andre Coleman: Associated with Uriel to get Julio killed, in season 5 Dre also associated with Artutro but also betrayed him to the Jimenez about him ratting them out to the FBI.
  • Diego "Cristobal" Martinez: After working for Jimenez cartel, Cristobal and the other Hermanos Tianos gang were allied to the Toros Locos.
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