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Trust Me is the eighth episode of the third season and the 26th overall episode of Power.


Mike and Angela hunt for the mole. Angela gets a lead, while she must solidify Tommy's alibi. Tasha receives a warning as Tariq makes a dangerous new friend. Milan issues an edict to push a new product.


Angela goes to Greg who still wants to charge her for helping a criminal but stops after she shows him that James has reconciled with his wife and she believed him to be a criminal but was wrong. Greg comforts her and soon kisses the crying Angela who is surprised by this though returns it. Feeling awkward after the kiss, Angela tries to leave but Greg stops her by telling her its dangerous as she hugs him out of comfort.

At a bar, James pretends to be drunk as he spies on the bartender's activities and gets an idea.

At Greg's apartment, he and Angela are having sex with her being put off by pictures of James on Greg's wall. Afterwards, while Greg is seemingly sleep Angela goes to the bathroom and deletes James from her phone. However, Greg contacts his partner and tells him that he might bring Angela and James down.



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  • The episode scored 1.99 million viewers.
  • Greg and Angela reconcile their relationship.