Why Her? is the sixth episode of the second season and the 14th overall episode of Power.

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After learning that Ghost and Jamie are the same man, Angela looks for proof. A new member joins the drug syndicate. Tasha makes a wife's ultimate sacrifice to protect her future.

Full SummaryEdit

Tasha meets up with Shawn in the garage, she has him check out the damages of the truck as he asks if she's okay though she shrugs off his question. She starts to leave but thinking of the pain her husband put her through, she approaches Shawn and they share a passionate kiss before going in the truck. In the truck, the two finally have sex.


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Notes and TriviaEdit

  • The episode scored 1.25 million viewers.
  • Tasha has James continue his relationship with Angela until he has a plan to be rid of her.
  • Tasha and Shawn finally have sex, marking the start of an affair between them.



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