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Ezekiel "Zeke" Cross is a freshman basketball prodigy attending Stansfield University. The university is so focused on having him play that they threaten to expel Tariq St. Patrick if he doesn't tutor Ezekiel well enough to pass his classes and continue playing.

Zeke serves as a central character in season 1-2.


Power Book II: Ghost

Ezekiel is first introduced while having sex with someone named Tanisha, which Tariq unfortunately stumbles upon as they are room-mates. Ezekiel urges him to leave for 15 minutes, while silently mouthing "five minutes". Later, partly in apology and partly to have his family meet the person who'd be tutoring him, Ezekiel brings Tariq to meet his large family at his aunt Monet's house. He receives a king's welcome for his achievement of attending Stansfield as a basketball player, and introduces Tariq to his cousin. When a fight breaks out, Monet urges Zeke not to involve himself, saying he's "too valuable" to their family and that it'll be "squashed in a minute".

In the aftermath, Ezekiel returns to his dorm, where Tariq assures him that he'll handle his Moby Dick report. Ezekiel is relieved and only asks that Tariq make it sound like he wrote it, and mentions that his family took a liking to Tariq. Some night later, while Ezekiel is playing video games, Tariq asks to use his popular Instagram page to post about his mom, so Ezekiel reluctantly agrees.


  • Make it to the NBA (ongoing)
  • Introduce Tariq to his family (Succeeded)
  • Get off academic probation (Succeeded)
  • Have sex with Professor Milgram (Succeeded)
  • Talk to the cops (formerly)


  • Zeke is 6'5" feets. (1.98m)